Another Lenore Area Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Bob Ellis, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Sep 7, 2004
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    Vancouver, WA
    I spent Sunday afternoon, Monday, and Tuesday in the Soap Lake area with a group that included 20 or so at one time or another, mostly from the Vancouver WA area. Lenore was the primary focus, but members also spread out to Rocy Ford, Dry Falls, and perhaps other undisclosed spots.

    Lenore-- water level was okay, maybe a little lower than last year, and the fishing seemed slower. However, everyone levered some of those big Lohantans to the surface. Four or five a day was a typical report, with a few dedicated first-lighters doing somewhat better. A black bugger or leech with a trailing hares ear or PT generally worked well, as did a chironomid under a few feet under a strike indicator at certain locations -- a tactic I hadn't associated with Lenore previously. Most of our activity was near the South end of the island.

    Rocky Ford -- a great place to either confirm your skills or make it obvious (as in my case) where they are lacking. That smooth, clear spring creek current makes it a great place to work on presentation because you can see so much of what's happening. While my spouse and I struck out, I'm ready to go back even though it's a 5-6 hour drive for us in this corner of the state. The best results (2 or 3 fish a day) were reported by those who went late in the afternoon after a partial day on one of the lakes.

    Dry Falls -- Several of our party went there Tuesday while we were are RF. The reports I heard weren't notable -- fewer, smaller fish than at Lenore.

    In all it was a great outing with a number of friends, and the Soap Lake economy did very well. Thanks again to those of you who provided info previously.

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    Hi Bob:
    Glad you guys had another good outing, we'll see you again in the spring. I got one of Denny's killer flies for a pattern, will try it in the next few days. You really hit the weather, starting to cool off in the next few days.
    Tight lines; Jim