Another Sno Co SRC report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Willie Bodger, Jun 8, 2005.

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    Feb 3, 2005
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    OK, I made it to my local beach this morning for a little SRC action with my new used 5 wt and new reel. High tide was around 5 AM and I got to the water around 6:45 hoping to catch some good moving water.

    With all I have been hearing about surface activity, I decided to start with the foam head fly from the saltwater swap. With a single handed strip, I was getting nothing so I decided to try the two handed fast strip and then I started getting somebody's attention. First fish of the day was about an 8" rainbow (juvenile steelhead?). I was also starting to see a few larger ones farther out clearing the water, but I can't cast that far...

    So, I continued on to the point hoping to find a little larger fish, but no luck there so I started my way back along the bay when I found a small cutthroat (about 7") on Surf's Candy Lance and then I thouhgt I was on the cast with big waves breaking on shore and causing quite the commotion. I got kind of excited, hoping that would stir stuff up and the bigger fish would come in closer to feast! And they did come in closer, easily within casting range, but they did not like my offerings. The most promising looking one was about 30' out for me and was chasing something up around the surface, so I offered and he refused... :(

    One more rainbow for the day and then figured I should head in. All in all, a nice morning on the water, though one or two of those bigger fish wold have been nice. Got one more small rainbow and saw an otter hanging around in the bay, surfaced about 15' from me one time.

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    sounds like you had a good time just the same