Any Chums in the South Sound yet?

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
Chums are super abundant through the south sound, therefore I would be willing to bet any estruary will hold a decent amount of chums. For those willing to look past the beaten path (minter, chico....ect) will probley be rewarded with a few hook ups, thats if there arnt really any snaggers and a few gillnets struin up and down the beach.

I would think one would have a decent chance of hooking a chum at Purdy due to the fact that there is a large creek that dumps into the spit on the north side of the bridge and Ive seen the creek itself loaded with spawning chums and silvers.
And thanks all again for telling "WHERE TO FISH" so thousands of others can get together and fish together....."Oh, Hi there, Could you please scoot over, your elbows are touching mine".
Not exactly secret spots to most that frequent this site but I agree with you. Giving out exact run timing and spots takes the experience of exploration and discovery away. That should be part of the fun of trying to figure out various rivers, estuaries, etc.

Ed Call

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And thanks all again for telling "WHERE TO FISH" so thousands of others can get together and fish together....."Oh, Hi there, Could you please scoot over, your elbows are touching mine".
Larry, I'll be there casting directly over your head. I'm a lefty, so you can still back cast, I'll wear my hat low in the back to keep your flies off my ears and neck.

"Excuse me, but, just to warn you, I don't think you want to fish very close to me. I'm kind of a wild caster." (Whips line around wildly and carelessly, narrowly missing the intruder's ear).
"But that's OK, because I fish barbless. The hooks come out real easy.":D
JAWS, that casting technique works for me, even in elbow to elbow drift fisheries. Barbless don't hurt coming out, but normally when I bury one into you I'll tug...Tug...TUG to make sure, is my fly hung up?

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Mumbles, two hook sets would be fine, thank you.:rofl: You're only allowed one after I scream, anyway. Any hooksets after that and I'll strip you to your backing and take your line.:clown:

I've had a bass plug sunk into the top of my cranium while fishing with a buddy in a 7' dinghy. Back around 1965. We got the barbed treble twisted out of the split ring so we could go on fishing. Later on that evening, the doctor in the emergency room thought the incident was so funny, he only charged me for the injection of novocaine before he removed the hook.

I don't go into those mass slimedawg hookeries, anyway.
Yeah no secrets in the list I mentioned, and indeed some of them can be combat fisheries on the weekend. But as someone above mentioned just about every estuary will have some healthy runs of chums if you don't like elbow to elbow. Yeah there are Chum cruising along the Purdy spit starting about now, some spawn in the creek (Burley creek?) I believe but many are probably on their way to the Minter hatchery.iagree
Not secret Larry, and I described about 20 square miles of estuary. We have to be willing to give newbies at least a direction to look in. Besides you can't tell me you've never had someone give you a hint of where to fish...

Ed Call

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Take a newbie out to a spot to fish, not your super secret squirrel spot, but a spot where a little confidence boosting can happen. Share the spirit of fly fishing and maybe the world will turn the corner and things will be looking up.

Ed Call

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Thanks troutaholic, sorry my two job lifestyle has kept me from the forum on so many days. I'll work harder to make sure I post daily so that if you're down I'll give you a lift (or more likely a laugh).

Share the fun, share your chum!