Any insights into my frustration?


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Or... I could use another dirty trick and offer an outing on the boat tomorrow to anyone with the skills and the flies. I'm thinking about launching at Titlow (narrows marina) around 11 or noon tomorrow and fishing for a few hours. If you have some experience down that way and are free for the afternoon, shoot me a PM. All that I ask is that you have some experience and know how to cast (let's just say comfortable with the double-haul). I figure if you can do that, you know enough not to put one in my ear.
To paraphrase Tina Fey, "I can see Titlow from my house"... and I have great euphausiid and amphipod patterns. Too bad i have to work.

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atdwash, I think your boat offer was a great way to get anglers together, learn some flies and techniques and have a chance at some fish. I'd take you up on the offer any day we could arrange, but I'm less flexible on my schedule now that I'm not self employed. Regretably, I doubt that I have much to "offer" along the lines of the right flies, locations or such as I'm limited in my knowledge base. I will echo the search for the euphausiid and amphipod patterns here in the threads or galleries. If you have any local fly guides or books there will be much made of them in there as well. See them, replicate them and slay them. Best of luck when you get out there, let those of us with an interest know how you did.


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I'll add, if you are going to docs, it seems that they are very very suspicious (elmer fudd voice) all the fish I've caught lately that have any size show signs of being caught before, probably more than once I saw the ducks catching small baitfish but couldn't even get a touch I put on a small shrimp pattern and caught fish I would have caught alot more but I broke the hook off on the beach and just kept fishing it not knowing or checking until I missed the 10th one or so, I'll count the grabs its just cnr without any harm to the fish, I fooled them thats all that really matters.


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I'LL add,
if you get frustrated with only 5 hookups in 3.5 hours, don't take up steelheading!!:rofl:

good reading, guys.
I got it. The offer in the boat today was not so much a cheap way to glean info as it was an honest offer for someone who does not usually have that opportunity. And I do thank you guys for the tips. I will put them to the test.
Dang it! If you'd have made that offer yesterday I'd have jumped on it in a heartbeat! I fished Doc's yesterday and caught my first coho in a long time - nice bright little 13-14 incher, right in front of the Game Warden too.....

If you care to extend that offer again....woodja' PM me?

Thanks in advance.....which ear didja' say isn't pierced yet.....??:D

Much better today. I think going smaller and more sparse certainly helped, but my guess is the banner day I had was more a function of fishing beaches far from the ones that have been getting pounded lately.

I had to do quite a bit of searching before I found my first pod of fish, but from then through the rest of the afternoon that beach kept me busy. I'm guessing somewhere between 20 and 25 to hand. At one point I had 5 hookups on 5 casts. The fish were far more aggressive than what I have experienced around the narrows lately, and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post they once again nailed just about any cast that was within range of a jumper. I guess I have to conclude that just like trout in a good stretch of a popular river, these guys too can get wary and worn out by heavy pressure--I would not have thought it possible in a body of water as vast as the sound. I should have taken the hot fly to the narrows to test my theory, but I couldn't tear myself away.

When I was in the middle of a frenzy I did stop and put on a popper (couldn't help myself). I had a few looks, but no takes. If they would have jumped on that it could have been my best day ever, but I suppose I can't complain.

Thanks to all who gave some input, and to those of you who are shore-bound; I can assure you that a 60ft cast from the beach could have been well in range of every fish that I caught today.

Good luck to all and I will try to post a little earlier next time I have an opening in the boat.


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Nice work. I am going to take somethings that I did not know from this thread and apply them to the next batch of flies I tie! Small and sparse is the name of the game right now.
I have been doing very well off a seattle beach for the last three weeks. Three weeks ago they would eat almost anything I tied on. Two weeks ago, they stopped taking poppers and clousers/baitfish imittations and only hit shrimpy looking patterns. This last week I have had to lengthen my leader and fish the smallest flies I have (a size 8 gotcha, of all things, has been killing them this week). bonked one this morning. only thing in its belly was a half digested baitfish, about 3 inches long. :) go figure, those bonefish flies I tied 4 years ago for a failed trip are finaly starting to come in handy!


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Change of feed or not, they are still taking Clousers over here on the West side. The go to fly the past week has been a sparse size 8 olive over white, both Slinky Fibre, with a single pink hootchie tentacle as the lateral line. I've been using a floating line because that is all I have for the 6 wt but I'm guessing it would help to get it down a bit deeper with a intermediate. I've also been throwing small popper and floating tubes but they haven't been getting nearly as many strikes as the Clousers.


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I made it down to a point on the South Sound on Thursday. I thought I would give it a try, since I hang around up at my end too much. I fished from 1:30 to 3:30. Tide was low at 3:30 I believe. It was hot fishing for those two hours for me. I landed 12 coho, lost a number of others, had other missed hits, and landed one nice cutt. On my size #6 Popsicle Stick. Not a sole around. Good times. No fish were showing on the surface except two! I might have to invade you peoples territory more often! I may try up North Saturday (today).


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Herl's bugs appear to be amphipods. There are quite a few species, most are rather small and they vary in color from olive to purple and even orange. Most of those I've seen in the Sound seem to be orange and I tie my imitations on a size 16 scud hook. Big_E's pattern appears to be a euphausiid (krill) imitation. Krill are larger, more shrimplike in appearance and tend to be a translucent white or sometimes a very pale orange or pink with very prominent dark eyes. I tie my krill pattern on a size 12 straight-shank hook because, although krill can sometimes adopt the shrimp/crayfish technique of swimming backward with a snap of the tail, they usually swim about using their legs while holding their bodies straight.
Ah, I thought krill was a general term that covered amphipods, euphasids, and all the "little shrimpy critters" out there. Thanks much for straightening me out, Preston, 'preciate it. I'll have to search around for some euphasid photos so I can do my rendition of that critter as well.

So, here's a question for ya Preston. When the sound is calm I sometimes observe fish nosing the surface, or shoulder-tail rises. I get that they are feeding just under the surface. Question is this: do both amphipods and euphasids run just below the surface film, or do they behave differently enough that there is a notable difference in feeding behavior that can be observed by riseform (or lack thereof)?

Thanks again for the clarification. I'm such a noob to the salt, trying to "take it all in" right now.