Any insights into my frustration?

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this new (for me) euphosid pattern got crushed on a slow drift by a reluctant coho
maybe 1 foot of water
the foam "tail" allows for some cool action

can you buy translucent foam?
this would be cool in a clearish profile
Whereabouts in the water column does this fish with that foam? If near the surface, I bet it would be a good night pattern.


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black mono eyes
light pink cactus chenille trimmed sides
pearl backed 1/8 foam first tied on a hook shank and transfered on to the fly
it floats in the sink but travels under the surface with a ten foot leader

we had euphausids in thick last year about mid feb
thanks to Les's pacific salmon 2 for the pick of the critter


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has anyone seen this fly before?
do i get to claim it for my own?
still looking for translucent foam

if i use this pattern for night fishing does it need too bee glow in the dark?


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I can't vouch for the efficacy of glow in the dark materials as the usually wind up tangled around something or myself before the make it to the water. As you may surmise, I don't cast well when i cannot see the line. However, on the rare occaision the fly does find the water cleanly, my catch rate did not improve. This is more likely due to my ability and location rather than the GITD nature of the fly, as I have seen one work quite well during the night.
Glow in the dark seems nifty, and I bet a few people swear by it (I even have a couple in my box with some glow strands in it...) I doubt it makes much difference though, considering how many trout I've caught in the dead of night with a #2 black bunny leech. I believe a nice dark profile is the key to allowing fish to see it at night, so it's stark against the lighter background of the sky.
There's a lot more bio luminescence in the ocean than in freshwater and fish do key in on it. That's probably why all Saltwater Krystal Flash is GITD, and the fibers are stiff enough to prevent the tangles. I use at least a few fibers in nearly everything I tie for the salt. It defines a lateral line, makes good antennae and gills, and comes in a number of colors. Pearl is the most versatile.

I can't prove it makes for more hook ups, but I believe it does, and it sure doesn't scare 'em off.


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"belief" is everything baby

testing some variations of the south sound euphie this weekend
will try a glow pattern @night

now i want a gitd fly line so i can see what the hell im doing
i need a new ear ring anyway

dead calm out there right now
see you all on the water

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IMO glow in the dark does make a difference. Can't speak for salt water fly fishing but my days on the hardwater with glo jigs and a strobe light to charge them attracted many more fish. It would be interesting to sit and watch the perch come in to the glo jig and pass right by the same type of jig that wasn't a glow in the dark or charged.

Its pretty much proven that salmonids key in on UV and glow in the dark is right down that alley.

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Thanks for the compliments...I'm not overly pleased with it as I think it can be improved on with a bit more vice time. It was late at night and I had an idea for the tail and basically wanted to see it it would work. I've got some more ideas about doing a better body but haven't gotten around to tying it yet.

The recipe is:

Tail is larva lace furled. Body is scud back with a creme and light red dubbing. Couple plastic bead chain eyes and some pearl flash.

Wasn't sure about hook size for these since I have never seen one. This is tied on a 14...what size do you guys reccommend?