any recent reports from Dry Falls?


~El Pescador
I think I will do a change of scenary and fish Dry Falls on Sunday instead of Lenice
Figured I could get my Rocky Ford fix on the way home as well.
Anyone been to Dry Falls recently?
Anyone fished Lenice recently, and done well, to change my mind?

It's been 3-4 years for me on DF's so any insight is greatly appreciated.

I passed by DF about a week and a half ago and stopped at the overlook to see how many were fishing (late morning). Nobody on the water. I was really surprised as there are usually some fishermen there. Don't know what that says about the fishing though.


~El Pescador
wow! I figured this body of water would be cooler then Lenice due to its' depths. 90% chance I am still heading to DF with a follow up on RF. Back up plan is Lenice. Fishing Sunday for sure!


~El Pescador
now you have be curious as to where I should have been....
Arrived later then I wanted to at Dry Falls. Was greeted with wind, strong wind, from Rosyln all the way to the lake. Made it challenging to put my boat on and off my vehicle. Fished areas out of the wind where there were cat tails on the shoreline. I have never had much luck, if any working the rock lines. Was treated to 4 rainbows from my efforts. Size ranged from 14-16 inches and while not big fish, they pulled hard and made some nice runs - good bend in the rod. The wind got over 30 a few times which made it hard to manuever on the lake. 4 other people were on the lake and they had gotten 3-4 earlier in the morning (I did not start till 10:00 thanks to road work delay on I-90.
Had enough by 1:30 so I packed it up and went to Rocky Ford. Fished there for over two hours and while fish were looking at my presentations, I had no hook ups.
I would definitely fish DF's again. I forgot about the scenery. damsel and hare's ear got me my fish. it was nice to bein the sun too!



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Thanks for sharing DP. I made my one and only trip to DF's on the general trout opening was so, so...just enough to keep one's attention.


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Fished it last week and did well one day, netting about 20 fish in the morning, next day about a dozen in a morning. I was using various damsels nypmhs on the bottom and think doing better than most on the lake. Daphnia were showing which don't think was helping much at all. In morning surface temp was about 63, not too bad for this time of year. Very clear water which think had the fish pretty selective. Strong fighting fish...

Scott Salzer

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I headed to DF on Friday, planning to stay until Monday. I had hoped that the temps were not to high. Hit the water Saturday with surface temps of 67, I bit high in my opinion. Brought a few to the net. Had a kick casting damsels to the shallows feeders. Didn't hook ups there but had three takes. Moved off to try some bobber stuff. Had one violent take down right of the bat and got exchanged in the weeds. Caught a few on a size 18 sno-cone. It quieted down so I moved to the deep water with an olive / black WB on a full sink. Picked up a couple of very nice fish but not my favroite way yo fish. Surface temps moved up to about 70 at the end of the day. I got off the water just before the thunderstorm hit, with high winds and very heavy rain. It was interesting to see the campers scramble to collect their stuff and keep other peoples stuff from travling through the sage.

As I mentioned, I planned to stay until Monday but decided to head out due to the high H20 temps. Just not worth stressing the fish. Next trip will be in the fall.

Thanks for the nice report Scott. I didnt think the water temps would be up yet. It didnt seem that its been that warm on either side, but its not even in the heart of summer.