Any salmon fisheries remain??


Another Flyfisherman
The more I read, the more I draw the same conclusion as everyone else - No Steel! Seems that everyone is just busting to get out on the water, myself included. Are there any salmon still fishing? I know the Nisqually probably still has fish, but its been a few days since I was there. Those Chummies are probably falling apart by now. Any suggestions?? I gotta get out and fish this weekend. Let me know if there is a good bet out there still. Thanks!
Any fisheries remain??

i was thinking nisqually as well, long live the chum! this year has been kinda lame so far. first i was waiting for kings to show and they never really did (in my local water), then i was waiting for the silvers, then i waited some more and eventually i gave up waiting, then i waited for chums and they were actually on time so i was stoked, then now i am waiting for steel and my stokification level (sorry so technical) has seriously taken a hit. in order to reverse the severe destokification that has occured i must put a bend in my rod. so, if anyone has a report on a fishery that is happenning right now or is about to happen quite soon please post or private message me. chum or otherwise. i heard lone lake was doing ok so maybe ill give that a shot.
Any fisheries remain??

I went to the Nisqually two days ago. If you don't mind the crowds at the lower end you can hook a few really nice fish still. Further up by the tank crossing you get a mix of some older and some still nice bright fish. One of the males I caught was so fresh it had no stripes yet and hardly any teeth yet. Of course I go the "that's a really good smoker" comment, but I released it. I can hardly fit any more smoked chum into my freezer this year. :p
Any fisheries remain??

what do i know, im just a stupid kid

really? wow. if you could supply me with some directions to the nisqually i would be much appreciative. i am coming from up north. no secret holes please i beleive a well known hole will suffice. i like to search out honey holes on my own, its part of the fun right?

and if i had a smoker my freezer would be full too. i love smoked fish!!!!

Any fisheries remain??

There are several access points to the Nisqually River, but the best way is to float it. It is protected by the Nisqually Indian res. on the right and by Fort Lewis on the left, so you'll be able to find 100+ year old trees in a beautiful setting that is unlike many puget lowland rivers.
The access to the lower river is off of Mounts Rd. I-5 Exit 116. This road crosses the river and there is access downstream on the right bank and upstream on the left bank (follow the signs). The "upper" river access is off of Hwy 510 between Yelm and the Nisqually Indian Reservation. About one mile past the "RezMart" you'll see a big yellow sign that says "Tank crossing" you turn left and follow the road to the river. It is Fort Lewis property, but a lot of people go down there and I have never heard of anybody being hassled by the MP's. E-mail me if you need more directions.

Good luck !


Another Flyfisherman
Any fisheries remain??

I havent fished the upper parts, but the tank crossing I know well. I dont have to worry about the MP's as I am at Fort Lewis - that fishin hole is like 10 minutes from the home. Makes for easy fishin fix. That run is about through I think, I am just dieing to fish but since there are no steelhead - I was wondering if there were still some runs somewhere in the state as I wait impatently for Steel.

Tight Lines J
Any fisheries remain??

I had to laugh at the use of the word "stoke" in this thread and the way it was used. So I have this to present for consideration:

Verb: to stoke. Ex. I like to stoke myself when fishing.
Present tense: I stoke or I am stoking. Ex. I stoke on those chum.
Past tense: I was stoked or I stoked. Ex. I was stoked on those chum.
Perfect past: I had stoked or I had been stoked. Ex. I had been stoked until I was corked again.
Adjective: Stokin or stoking. Ex. He was a stoking dude.
Adverb: Stokally. Ex. I ran stokally down the trail to the water.
Noun: Stokification. Ex. I remember the feeling of stokification I felt at the end of the day.

Don't blame me for this. It's just that the thread needed clarification.:professor :+