Any suggestions for the Mt. Whistler Area

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I wondered if any of you have any suggestions for flyfishing in the Mt. Whistler (Canada) area. I'll be going over there with my family in the second week of September and hope to get a few days of fishing in the activity plan.

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I've fished up there a number of times. There is a great salmon river to fish called the Squamish. It's a pretty large river with good bank access. This river has a good run of pink salmon during the odd years, has a late run of chum, and has steelhead. You can access the river by the town of Squamish as you'll be passing that way on the Sea to Sky highway.

Closer toward Whistler, check out Anderson creek which flows out of Anderson lake as they get a pretty good run of Sockeye and from what I've heard, the Fraser and it's tributaries have been kicking out fair numbers. For detailed more detailed info you could check out Michael and Youngs is a great fly shop.

o mykiss

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I fished the Birkenhead River (about a half hour or 45 minutes north of Whistler) in July. It is reputed to be a pretty decent trout stream. Didn't show me its best though; I caught only one small trout and had multiple strikes from other small trout. Saw some big chinook rolling in some of the deeper areas, but you can't target them there. If you go to the Birkenhead, watch for bears. (Actually, watch for bears anywhere around there.) According to the fly shop, some of the most reliable fishing is in Green Lake, preferably where the River of Golden Dreams spills in. Also, the cutt fishing in Alta is supposed to be good (big sterile ones there planted a while ago to try to control the stickleback population), but they said in July it probably wouldn't be great because that lake gets quite warm. By September, though, it may be cool enough to get good.

As the previous post stated, the Squamish is supposed to be quite good for anadramous fish, but it is much more of a hike than the Birkenhead.
Here is a report from There are some huge cutthroat and dollies up around the Whistler area. Hope this helps,

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Green Lake: The lake level has dropped and the water is much clearer now. Muddler minnows and black bead head leeches are producing fish in this lake.

Showh Lake: Tom thumb or green or red humpties near shore. Elk Hair Caddis (#14) and Adams are also producing fish.

Alta Lake: Fishing has been very slow during the day. Fishing is best in the evening. Try a sedges, elk hair caddis at night. Gold muddler minnow patterns are still producing the odd cutthroat. Try Use a stronger tippet when fishing for the 18 - 24 inch cutthroat as they hit hard.

Alpha Lake: Top water action is great for small rainbows on hot evenings. Fish up until dark for greatest success.

Anderson Lake: The sockeye are in the lake and holding in deeper water. Expect the spawn to happen within the next week. Fishing for dollies and rainbows will be awesome for the next 4-6 weeks!

Whistler Area Rivers:

Birkenhead River: The river is fishing well with nymphs. Try hairs ear for rainbows in the 10" - 14" range. Sockeye are in the river now and will be in large numbers soon. Try egg sucking leeches and at least a type IV sinking line for rainbows and dollies. Remember there is NO FISHING FOR SALMON on the Birkenhead River.

Cheakamus River: Dry flies and nymphs have been producing lots of rainbows in the 10"-14"range. The water level came up a little with the hot spell but are dropping again. Expect fishing to pick up!