Anyone been to B.C. lately?


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I'm headed up to the Merritt/Kamloops area week after next and wonder if anyone's been up there lately. Will fish at Corbett for a day or two and then perhaps the Kane Lakes or Roche Lake area. If you've got a favorite lake to suggest or recent reports, would love to hear from you. Thanks!
hmmmmmmmmmm how to give advice without giving up too much............ roflmao. Most, if not all the lakes in the corbett lk/kamloops area are fishing very well. If you want specifics........... PM would be your best bet....



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Try an undyed Carey Special behind an Intermediate sink line. I C&R'd the largest trout of my life at Corbett Lake. That was a year or two ago. I spotted a rise and made a good cast to it. That was a slow day for eveyone on the lake, but size made up for numbers. I think it was about this time of the year.

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I'm heading up this weekend for 4 days...I will say this..bring at least a 5wt with you..I used my 4wt on a few lakes that were known for 3-5lb fish...My rod was bent over double in the water and my reel screaming...thought i'd hooked a 25" + fish...19" 2-3lbs all day like that..

Fished our Pass lake yesterday, hooked into about an 18" bow and a 15" brown for 3 hours of fishing...both on chironies..nothing EVER hits my line while trolling...I thought both were going to be dinkers as they didn't even pop my indicator off..(Had to reach up for it which aint' fun) Was surprised by their size when netted...

So be prepared, those fish fight like mothers for the most part!!!
Was up there last week and among other stops fished Englishman in the Kane Lakes area. Small piece of water with small fish. Typcial good chironomid action by mid day when the hatch kicked in on the drops. Fished Corbett a couple of weeks ago on one of a couple of annual trips there. Always a good lake for chironomids, mayflys, damsels and others, depending on when you're there. There are some absolute pigs in there. Our group has lost more rods in that lake from sleeping at the switch and getting our gear ripped before our eyes by some big drivebys. If you're trolling have your rod in hand and if you're fishing chironomids under an indicator don't doze off without securing your rod. It's a quick and familar sound; scraaaaape, splash and oh shit! Weather is suppose to improve by end of this week and you should hit it just right. I will be driving by Corbett on Wednesday on my way to another lake through that area. Good luck.
Indead. I love fishing in BC..

I'll be fishing some of the local lakes in BC this weekend. Chironny's, dragons & damsels work well this time of season. Although the spring has really been cool/cold. The weather is supposed to warm up today, continuing until next week.

All I have to say is WOW! Beautiful fish! I am going to BC in August on my honeymoon. I know I won't be able to fish everyday, but we are hoping to be there for a month, so I hope to get quite a few days in. I am planning on doing a post of my own, but I can't help but ask a few questions here. Does anyone have any tips, flies/techniques for August? I will take the recomendations of the lakes here too, but if anyone wants to pm me with others I will be most greatful! :) Thanks a bunch!
Hmmm , Jewel Lake . Never fished it , but I will this year . The ex lives in Greenwood , and I go there for visits a few times every year .

FWIW , the BC record rainbow came out of Jewel . A pig of a little over 51 lbs . Yikes .