Anyone been to Coldwater lake recently?


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I was wondering if anyone has been out to coldwater lake in the past week or so? Since it has gotten hot, I wonder how the fishing has been? Has anyone measured the water temperature recently?

I to am interested in any replies. I will be down that way this weekend and I'm trying to decide on going there or try my luck on the Toutle R. If its windy, I guess I know for sure, as I've heard it can be very rough. Probably an early morning lake before the afternoon wind kicks up as it does in that area. The river maybe out of shape as well, with the warmer weather. I fished this river as a young man but not since the mountain blew. Its sounds as though its make a strong come back with a 2 fish limit. I am very eager to see that area again and how much its changed.
Later, Jim J.