Anyone Fish Gissberg ponds (Twin Lakes)?


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Anyone fish this lake or know a good time to go for Bluegills?
I was there 2 months ago and there wasn't a single fish around the whole lake. A month before that they where everywhere..

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
I have fished the south(adult) pond on occasion sporadically for a few years. Usually with a grandchild aboard. The noise from I-5 and the model hydroplane races in the Spring/Summer don't make for much of a wilderness experience.:(

Not a very large sample size, but I have found the lake to be dead November thru March. Perks-up in April for trout. I have caught bluegills on occasion in early July and again in October (I steer clear mid-July until mid-October). Never been able to dredge-up one of those channel catfish as an incidental catch.


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ok. thanks for the info.
The lake isn't the greatest, but good place for getting your line wet since there is always a open spot somewhere on the lake. I like how it's setup.
I use to catch little bass from the shore many years ago, but haven't seen them since. I don't remember what time of year it was. I will try again in April. :)
I read somewhere that someone went to the lake after midnight and caught a channel cat. So they must hide out until night time, then come out to feed.