Anyone fish Pass lately?

I have an honest to goodness weekend off, so I'm trying to decide if I want to head up to fish Pass tomorrow or if I'm better served fishing local lake back home. Anyone been up there in the past week?
I drove up on MLK Monday, and it was frozen all the way across. I was hoping to hear from any one if it was fishable. A good 1" thick or more.
I am hoping to also find out about Rattlesnake which I heard was 3" thick!!


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I was mistaken. I don't know about depth but as I was driving around today I noticed a lake that was frozen over. I suppose it's very possible that Rattlesnake is also. Surprises me as I didn't think it had been cold enough.


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Lake is completely open and I fished Pass on Friday from about noon to three. Surface water temp was 38 degrees. Fishing was about the same, cold, cold. Only other anglers I saw had netted a nice brown; one more than eagles and I caught. Still a nice day, sun out and lake like glass.