Anyone with experience near Pensacola, FL?

Gabriel Burgi

doesn't live in WA anymore :(
Hey All,

In October I report to NASC Pensacola, Florida. I have never fished in warm salt, and was wondering if any of you have fished this area? Looking for some advice on rig setup, general line wts, tapers, etc. and maybe some quick technique/fly choice advice. Thanks!

- Gabe


Waters haunt me....

I had the privilege to be stationed for a few months in NAS Pensacola. I did a whole lot of fishing from Johnson's beach located just a few miles from the back gate of the base. This beach has a fee to go in which is both good and bad. Bad because it costs around $6 a day or $40 for a year in '99. If you fish a lot, you might want to go for the yearly fee. Good because the fee makes the crowd fish the other beaches and you don't 't have to deal with crowds even on weekends. Considering that you don't need fishing license (residents and military) in this state if you're not fishing from a boat (again back in '99), you definitely make out pretty good. This particular place is loaded with fish from flounders, blue fish, lady fish but primarily Red fish and sea trout. There's also tarpon in deep water and black tip sharks around.

I walk the left side of the beach w/c is the protected side- more like a channel with great sand and eel grass. The right side is open seas. Cast in the flats both blind casting and sight fishing. Use clousers in white and blue and strip them. By no means is this the only fly and color that works, I've seen people use shrimp a lot for the sea trout and so maybe you could also use a similar pattern. The fish will dictate how they want it stripped especially if you can see them chase your bait. I've always had luck on quick erratic stop and go retrieves.

I was there only for about 4 months and I lucked out since it was in the middle of summer and the fish were running and actively feeding. I got my money's worth out of that place big time since I was fishing practically everyday right after work and on the weekends.

There are a whole lot more places to fish like Pensacola beach and a few more beaches whose names I have already forgotten so feel free to explore.

By the way 2 things to watch out for, BIIIG Horseflies that bite and itch like hell and jelly fish, especially if you are going to wet wade during the summer months. My partner had one stuck inside his shorts. We had to run him to the hospital and get him repaired.

Have fun, I seriously envy you.


Gabriel Burgi

doesn't live in WA anymore :(

Thanks for the info. It will all be a learning experience like I said- no warm salt experience under my belt. I'll try the spots you said and let you know how they turn out.

- Gabe :ray1: