Aquatic deer and "hunt & seek" sea-run cutthroat fishing

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, May 29, 2006.

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    The sights and beauty of Puget Sound water are truly an amazing and humbling place to be able to experience and fish. The wildlife sightings(gray whales, orcas, bald eagles, red foxes, coyotes, etc.) can be something to behold.

    Yesterday I was fishing for sea-run cutthroat and was awe-struck to see a deer make an approximately 1 mile swim across a passage. It came a shore about 100 ft. below me then it stepped ashore and promptly took a "dump". I guess it was telling me "now take that 'cuz' you didn't think a deer could swim so far."

    Over the year I have seen three other deer swimming in Puget Sound. One deer made a approximately 1 1/2 mile crossing from an island to the mainland. I was fishing along the island and saw the deer enter the water. 45 minutes later I was fishing along the mainland when the deer came ashore. It must have wanted to get off that island for some reason!

    Over the past week or so the sea-run cutthroat fishing has been pretty good. Hovever, they appear to be spreading out away from the estuaries and it is now a "hunt and seek" game to find a location where there might be some sea-run cutthroat "hanging out." The last trip, I fished 15-18 spots and only found 6 spots that I hooked any sea-run cutthroat. They were nice solid, healthy 12 - 17" fish that took a 2 1/2" baitfish pattern. From now on until late summer/early fall, the best strategy is probably to fish a lot of locations until you find some sea-run cutthroat as they tend to scatter throughout Puget Sound waters during the summer months.

    On this day and others, I am humbled and grateful to past and present veterans who have made many personal sacrifices so that we may have our freedoms in this great country. God Bless all those veterans!

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    Roger, thanks for the thoughtful reminder about why we celebrate Memorial Day. My son and I watched "We were Soldiers" on Sunday night. I have great respect for the sacrifices of our military.

    Best regards, Steve

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