Aquatic Entomology Class

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    Pacific Fly Fishers is offering an "Aquatic Entomology Class" that begins on November 9th.

    Description: We're offing a new class on Aquatic Entomology that will provide anglers with a solid understanding of the aquatic insects that constitute a trout's diet. In this class, anglers will first learn how to identify the most important insects in lakes and streams. Then, we'll take an in-depth look at each insects life cycle and how each phase of the lifecycle affects their availability to trout as a food item. We'll also answer the questions of how this relates to fly selection and presentation techniques. Other topics include each insects preferred environment, common local varieties, and how to collect, observe and even preserve your own specimens. By the end of the course, anglers will have a great understanding of matching hatches and also how to choose fly patterns in non-hatch situations.

    Dates: Wednesday, Nov. 9th from 7-9pm
    Wednesday, Nov. 16th from 7-9pm

    Cost: $49

    Location: The Pacific Fly Fishers store in Mill Creek, WA. Directions

    Registration: To sign-up, call the flyshop at (425)742-2402 or swing by the shop.