Are epoxy and laquer thinner compatible?

I'm looking to clean the sticky epoxy (see my previous post) off a wrapped rod blank using laquer thinner. Will the laquer thinner allow the sticky epoxy to be wiped off and be recoated with fresh epoxy? :beathead:

Your advice please?

Thanks, SuperDave
Well, try it and see.

If not thinner, the MEK, or toulene or something. If you're starting over, no need to worry about dainty with it. I'd not go overboard, as you don't want to pull the finish off of your blank.


Thanks for your input. Like Oliver and Hardy from bygone days, this is "another fine mess".

Interestingly, I tried cleaning the brush and container that I used when applying the offendeding "sticky epoxy. I used medium drying laquer thinner and the "sticky" cleaned up fine. Not that I'd reuse these it's just that the "sticky" is now gone from these items. :thumb: This makes me think that the same might occur on the rod if the laquer thinneris sparingly applied to remove the "goo".

This episode has taught me NEWER to re-use old epoxy REGARDLESS of how "fresh". (The epoxy that I used was several years old) I'm now paying a "price" far greater than the cost of using "fresh" ingedients.

Another lesson learned! Stay tuned for further developments!

Got the sticky epoxy "goo" removed with medium drying laquer thinner. Got some FRESH Flex-Coat and throughly mixed it before applying it to the rod. The Rod is now on the dyer and HOPEFULLY it will "set-up" properly. We'll see.....

Lessons learned:

1. Keep everything surgically CLEAN.
2. Use only FRESH epoxy.
3. Laquer thinner cleans off "sticky" epoxy.
4. Contamination will stop epoxy from setting-up as well as failure to follow any of the above.
5. Patience is a vurtue!