Area 10 Report - 7/30

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Jul 30, 2006.

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    I started staining my deck when the rain hit, so that project ended quickly. Decided to hit a popular area 10 beach for the afternoon tide change. Lots of beach walkers, swimming dogs and kids throwing rocks. I was the only one fishing until the last hour when several folks fishing gear showed up. Fished from 1:15 until 5. Ended up with one coho around around 18", five or six shakers, one small cutt and my first red rock crab. How I hooked the crab I'll never know, as I don't think I was even close to the bottom.
    Got to experience lots of different weather in a little less then four hour of fishing. The wind was coming hard out of the southwest when I arrived with bright sunny skies. Wind changed to right in my face from the west and I got soaked by a fairly heavy rain system. Rain stopped, sun came out and wind switched from the north. Lots of salad in the water today also.
    Not great action but better then staining the deck.

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