Area 10 Report

We headed out from Shilshole this AM, intending to head up north a bit, but an engine alarm 1 minute out of the gate had us fishing at the bouy at Meadow Point all morning. We used the kicker to scoot around between spots but we mainly just drifted around out by the bouy.

My fishing partner boated one nice ~4-5# hatchery silver on a clouser (which was tasty on the BBQ this evening) and we both had a bunch of blackmouth shakers by 8 AM that kept the morning interesting. We were back to the ramp by 9 AM. Just about everybody who pulled up while we were there had at least one fish, and the fish checker gal was busy. Most had kings from Elliot Bay caught on gear, I saw a couple nice fish laid out on the dock.

We saw lots of bait (althought not as much as in the past couple weeks) and several nice fish working on the surface, but no other serious action. Lots of fish on the fish finder down deep. Certainly more going down on the east side of Area 10 than there has been for a few weeks. Now I just have to get the boat fixed...