Area 11 coho and cutts.

Last week I found the mother load of searun cutthroat trout
around point defience caught seven and had twenty other followers and at least five hits and misses on an olive and white clouser size 6 in an hour on a less than desirable tide. Just bought a new fly line for the salt and it sinks like a rock.I broke in that new fly line last night with a 4 pound coho caught south of the bridge, lots of fun.Hope to catch a SRC over 16 inches long tomorrow and am going to try my new fly line for some coho out in the rips between dalco and the Gig Harbor shore line.
Where did you access the water at Point Defiance for the SRC? Did you wade? Boat? Tube? I am interested in where I might find good fishing for searun cutthroat around the sound near Seattle, but I also spend some time in Tacoma. Any help you could give would be much appreciated!
I fish out of a 16 foot fiberglass boat and i launch at the point defience boathouse but you have to store your boat there but if you go to the vashon island ferry in the point defience park you can launch a boat at the boat launch just a couple hundred yards to the side of the ferry landing.If you need some food or some directions to where the gig harbor shoreline might be go visit the point defience boathous down by Anthonys restrant my dad works at the boathouse.You will need a boat and a motor because you have to go about 3 miles to get to the gig harbor shorline you should use a size 6 olive
and white clouser minnow on a sinktip on a big in or out tide.I went today with my cousin and he caught a 22 inch coho and a 14 inch cutt and i lost a 22 to 24 inch cutt and then after fishing 20 minutes my fly line tangled like crazy so i quit for the day i am going to be over there friday morning or afternoon.
You'll often find w/ SRCs that where the motherload is one day, has zip, nada, zilch the next. They really school and move around, so you end up stalking them, which is kinda neat, then, when you hit a couple, chances are you'll hit more.