Area 12 staging silvers and gill nets


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I was fishing off a small point today getting into silvers having a great time when I saw a guy putting out nets, well it should go without saying but I'll say it anyway the fishing dropped off sharply once the nets were in place, after watching the owner run the nets a few times I was pretty amazed I've never seen it done before and man do they get the fish. I really wasn't bothered all that much by it, sure it broke up my fun at least at that spot but he was trying to earn a living I was just there for fun and maybe dinner and after watching him for awhile I just moved to the other side of the net and down the beach aways to try to get into the fish before they were netted, the guy running the net didn't have a problem with me doing that so we were both able to share the area without any hassels. I had a good day, I caught fish, took home dinner and got to learn thanks to the netter just a little more about the cruising patterns of salmon, this was a new beach for me and I know where I'll be fishing if theres no nets the next time I go there.


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it is really instructive to watch the net sets, where as well as what stage of the tide. has saved me hours of rowing around looking and wondering.


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I have no real idea how close would be ok, I just walked far enough away that I felt I wasn't encroaching on his action or possibly spooking the fish away or even worse hooking one and having it run into the nets that would suck.
i've ended up almost trapped by purseiners in the past, one corked me, one corked him behind me...they tend not to care until you get to planing speed inside their net loop and you have a certain determined look on your face that says you plan to see if you can make it over their net. Lots of hand waving and screaming at that point.

However fishing near them with all the noise of multiple boats and the deckhands doing their noise thing with the can on a stick is not so productive.

I can spend hours watching. One year up by Mukilteo they were seining pinks and this particular boat did not get ther purse secured correctly before bringing it over the transom and fish were spilling out the seam...the guy hollered at use "Park your boat under the net end!" so as it came out of the water over the rear roller dozens of pinks spilled into our boat. We gave them all back and had a beer with the crew after their last set.

tough way to make a living, but looks enjoyable for the first set of the day.