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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tony, Sep 8, 2007.

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    Decided to see how the fishing was to the south last night, I've been going north so often I figured a change was due. I got to the beach about 5pm as the tide was starting to go out and right away started seeing small jumpers which really gets me feeling hopeful, I was tossing small clousers and on just about every cast I'd get a tug from the little guys, there were so many around I didn't think if there were bigger fish they'd have a chance to get to my fly before the little ones did but I was wrong I caught 4 bigger silvers 2 got off, I landed and released 2 others plus I caught 10 smaller fish that ran from about 8" up to 15" it was more like sight casting because you could see the fish coming from quite aways away so you could cast to the surface swirls, it was a blast, lots of action with the possibility of bigger fish on every cast. I fished for 2 hours and wished I could have stayed longer but I had to go.

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