Area 5 report

Went out on wednesday and caught 6 humpies all around 5 pounds, caught a lot of chinook all about 10 pounds and three coho that were wild and about 7 pounds. Then headed out to area 4 for some bottom fish and got an eight pound sea bass! that sucker was HUGE fought good and my little brother got his first lingcod about 26 inches. Thursday went out and it was ROUGH huge swell and lots of chop, got two pinks about 9 pounds the fish counter said thats the biggest he's seen all season, and a legal coho about 8 pounds. We caught a lot of chinook that morning too so hopefully by oct 1st theyre still there :) ahah. We also heard on the radio some fellas made a run out to blue dot (long @55 run) but they caught a 46 pound chinook and limited so they're still out there. good luck fellas!

yeah it was very fun i think we were a little late on some of the fish because my grandpa lives up there and two weeks ago they got three peoples limits in 3 hours ahha but it was a good time.