Area 8-2 Report Sept 7 Pinks Still Around

Fished a beach in 8-2 this morning.

Just posting this to dispell any thoughts you may have that the Pink run is over.

Saw multiple schools of pinks through the morning. Landed one.

Lots of coho out there too.

My ID technique is that if I see a school of fish finning the surface I presume they are pinks. My working understanding is that coho tend to be more solitary, pinks travel in schools. Also I rarely see coho finning the surface. They will come up for a baitfish, but they tend to dart right back down. Pinks will stay at the surface for a while. My comments above are based on this ID technique (plus the fact that I got to see one pink on the end of my line). Does this sound right to you - I welcome advice on fish ID.