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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tony, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Went out to fish the salt this morning, I arrived at the beach just before the sun rose so my first few casts were in the dark, third cast and I feel a tug not much of a tug so flounder I'm thinking as I strip in, when I pull it out its not a flounder or a sculpin, in the low light it looks like a little piece of a stick, but wait its got eyes, it was a 8" squid fair caught on a clouser, my first! Standing there just enough light to see to cast by and I can hear bait just off shore and as the light breaks you can see bait popping on the surface, birds just going wild diving on surfacing bait, and seals cruising the outer edges, and the sivers were in so close, excellent morning, the fishing was great used a half and half and caught more fish than I ever have before, ended up taking 2 home, one because it was bleeding so heavily, the second one swallowed the fly totally which kind of bummed me out, it ended my fishing for the day and the action looked like it was still on fire and might stay that way for awhile.
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    Great report tony. I assume you were fishing the West side of area 9, because I can attest that South of the Shipwreck side of area 9 it was quiet as a morgue. No Cutts, no pinks, no Coho, not even any noticeable bait schools.

    Tony, you got to many over there, don't be greedy, send some eastward, eh?

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