Arizona Fishing Report

Finally got out to do some fishing. I hiked 17 miles into a secluded lake. The timing was perfect, the lake had just thawed and the fish were ravenous. rising to a hatch of unknown origin. In my excitement to start fishing I scambled down a steep embankment and fell in the lake. I still had my back pack on and damn near drowned before I got out.
It was a bright sunny day so I stripped off all my clothes except my boots and laid them out to dry.
I tied on a size 12 yellow stimi and proceeded to catch 30 to 40 hungry rainbows up to 22" long all on the same fly.
By this time I figured my clothes were dry and I was getting sunburned in places that hadn't seen the sun since my wild teen age years so I began walking back to where my clothes were.
There had been some mischief whether by man or beast I do not know, but some of my clothes were gone and others torn to shreds.
All I had was my hiking boots that I was wearing and a tie died bandanna.
The sun was now high in the sky and Arizona hot, the 17 mile hike out was miserable.
I will eventually recover from the 3rd degree sunburn that I suffered, but the embarr-ASS-ment of walking into a crowded trailhead parking lot dressed in hiking boots and a loincloth made of the Jerry Garcia vintage bandanna will scar me forever.
BTW The camera got wet in my near drowning so there are no pics.


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This is an awesome report, hope the burn salve doesn't burn in certain areas, ouch!

There's some nice lakes out that way. I did a lot of work for TEP at the Springerville plant, and for SRP over at Coronado. Used to stay in Show Low on occasion, liked eating at Licano's.



Well, my April Fools trick went nowhere... and this report does seem out there. 17 mile hike both ways, 22-inch fish, fishing in the nude, shredded clothes, no photos??? Hmmmmmmm

Three guys so far fell for it.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
April Fools nonsense, or Post of the Year! Brings back memories of when I began hiking into Hanakapiai Valley alone (1974) and had only gotten 200 yards up the trail and ran into a cadre of a half dozen nude hikers returning to civilization wearing only hiking boots and backpacks. Quite the visage!
The experience sort of prepared me for the valley, where I dared to bodysurf wearing only a borrowed Voit Duckfoot, until I spotted some Portuguese Man-O-War drifting in. Yikes!