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    Here is a flesh fly that I use in Alaska and Washington. You can use any color rabbit fur you want. I used Fresh Flesh.

    Rabbit fur cross cut
    5262 size 2 or 4 streamer hook
    Another hook for up front. I use a Mustad 80400BLN size 2 or 4
    You can use a Waddington, Nail, Cotter pin. What ever you want for the front.
    20lb backing
    6/0 thread Red Guideboro was my choice
    Kevlar thread

    First Step
    Tie a standard flesh fly. Using the 5262 hook. Then loop the 20 pound backing through the eye of the hook. Give yourself about 3 inches to play with. Place this fly to the side for now.

    Step Two
    Take the other hook, shank, nail and put this in the vise.
    I only wrap thread on hooks and nails. Give the Kevlar thread something to grab onto.

    Step Three
    Get your fly out and get it ready to put on. Wrap the kevlar thread on the hook. Place the backing on the "hook" and wrap the kevlar thread over it pretty tight. Wrap pretty far down the hook. Use some superglue or head cement and cover the kevlar. Make sure to put the trailing fly close to the front hook. This way you dont have a "hole" in the fly. I put my trailing hook right at the end of the bend on the front hook.

    Step Four
    Take the backing and flip it back toward the back fly. Continue to wrap the kevalr over the backing. Wrap this back just shy over where you started wrapping the underlying layer of backing.

    Step Five
    Flip the backing over and go forward for the second time. Wrap it forward to 3/4 the distance of your previous wrap. Cut the excess backing and wrap kevlar over the end. Tie it off and add superglue of head cement over the kevlar thread. Cover the whole thing.

    Step Six
    Tie in the rabbit fur in. Wrap it forward over the kevlar and backing. Use a long enough piece to make it to the front eye. Cut the rabbit fur and whip finish and put some head cement on.

    Step Seven
    IF you used a hook, then You need to cut it. I use my gerber tool, but any cutting pliers will work. Move all the rabbit out of the way and cut the hook as close to the fly as possible. Cover the hook so It doesnt fly somewhere.

    Your done. If you are going to Alaska, this fly works really well. Nice big piece of meat floating down the river. Try different colors. White, off white, ginger, Orange, pink, peach. I use all these colors. Also works in Washington.

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