Articulated Tube Crawdad

I've been brainstorming this pattern for awhile, and I finally sat down to put it together. I've always liked craw patterns, and I wanted one with a lot of movement. I also like all the advantages of tubes. I used some backing to join the tubes together. I figure the leader can be threaded through both tubes to fish the fly "full-length" like most craw patterns. This could be done with the claws to the rear (like most patterns are tied - "fleeing" style), or claws forward, and it could be crawled along bottom. The option I'm looking forward to trying is just threading the leader through the tube that the head and claws are tied on, with the hook at the claw end. The fly could then be retrieved to mimic the true body positioning of a fleeing crawdad (I tried to represent this position in the 3rd photo). Not sure how it will track in the water this way yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it. Overall, it's about 6" long. Hoping it will get the attention of some bass or maybe even a nice brown!
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interesting, Jon..are you thinking of rigging it with a split leade to get the hinge action?

also, it struck me that if you change the color more towards a greyish or pinkish, and take away the claws, it could be a great shrimp pattern too

Not sure what you mean by split leade(leader?) for the hinge action, but here is an example of the rigging I had in mind for the more "jointed" fleeing posture similar to the natural swimming motion of a craw. I used orange backing just for visibility, and the hook isn't fully seated in the junction tubing in the photo; just trying to demonstrate that the leader would only be rigged through one of the two tubes.
And yes, I'm sure it could be adapted to mimic shrimp quite easily - nice suggestion.
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ok i see where you are coming from... what i envisioned was a Y shaped leader [ 2 legs] one leg going into the lower end and having a smaller hook, the other coming out the upper tube as you have it in the picture. more i think about this, it's probably better to KISS it like you've done there.
Kelvin, yes hook would probably be point up for fishing, that photo was just an example of rigging it with one tube only. More of a leader illustration than hook example.

WR, interesting thought on the two hook idea, but yes, I'm more of a simplistic fisherman.


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I like it. I'd like to see a version with more meat on it as well.

I tie an articulated fleeing crayfish with the weight dropping the front of the fly (the crayfish tail) during the pause of a strip. Your idea with the line through the second tube would be more realistic, curving the fleeing tail during the strip. Nice design! I hope you keep us posted as you update and modify.
I agree with the desire for a bulkier pattern. For some reason my tying style seems to lend itself to slimmer flies; I'm always trying to make thicker bodies(stoneflies, shrimp, etc) but I tend to end up with less than plan. I haven't fished this pattern yet, but I'm already thinking some weight toward the end of the tail may help orient correctly in the water while fishing. I don't know, we'll see how it looks if I ever get it wet.