Atlantic Salmon 2013 Returns in New England

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    Hey all,

    Came across this blog (below) today and thought I'd post. Really sad to see what's happening to Salmo Salar here on the right coast. The Daniel Bassett blog below is done by what appears to be a photographer more as an investigative piece, and there is some info about fish farming efforts of which I am NOT a proponent. But for what it's worth, this blog does paint a pretty bleak picture for salar, and rightly so as the return numbers for New England waters were quite depressing this year.
    On the flip side, I should also mention that there are a number of restoration efforts happening to help salar to (optimistically) rebound here in the east, including two efforts with which we are involved on two Maine waterways. Dams have been, and are being removed on the Penobscot River, and ongoing work to improve passage is taking place on the Saco River. The Saco River Salmon Club operates a fairly new state-of-the-art hatchery and to date has been rearing eggs (collected from wild broodstock) and planting them in their traditional spawning habitat in the Saco's tributaries. The club also raises supplemental parr (donated to the organization) and plants them in various locations along the watershed. Ongoing habitat restoration efforts, etc. continue in salmon waters all along the east coast and Canadian provinces. There is still good hope yet.

    Saco River Salmon Club

    PS - As a volunteer member of the Saco River Salmon Club, I'd like to make an appeal to any who would/could help with the cost of running our totally non-profit hatchery based in Biddeford, ME. Donations and/or membership (not bound by geography) can be arranged on the website (link provided above). No donation is too small (and vice versa [​IMG]), and the funds generated from membership are solely used to operate the hatchery. All work at the hatchery and otherwise are strictly done on a volunteer basis. Thank you in advance for any help you'd consider providing.