Atlantic Salmon

There are aquaculture net-pens in central Puget Sound, not far from the mouth of the Duwamish (Green) River. Once every few years or so, something untoward happens and hundreds -- sometimes thousands -- of Atlantics get released into Puget Sound, creating a brief fishery. Likely additional if smaller relaeases occur more frequently. An inordinate number seem to wind up in the Green. These fish are supposedly sterile, and they are never planted in any Washington river on purpose. Our native runs of Pacific salmon and steelhead are in enough trouble without having to compete with some exotic species. As noted, the aquaculture Atlantics are supposed to be sterile, but up in BC, where there is a lot more fish-farming, evidence has shown that Atlantics have succesfully spawned in at least a few rivers.
I heard about some Vancouver Island river where escaped atlantic salmon spawned. Don't remember exactly maybe it was Sooke (in Victoria suburb area)
I ran into a group of fly fisheres at the Tacoma Narrows last year that spoke of catching many atlantic salmon over the course of the summer in South Puget Sound.

Any of you folks out there?
yeah I'll never forget the escape of 97 I believe when like 200,000 or somewhere in that range were swimming in sinclair inlet and rich passage and manchester, caught over a 100 I'd imagine in a few days. people were just sticking nets in the water and getting them. they went up curly creek to long lake also. yep , I see when I cabezon fish around those pens now they have beefed it up. you cant even fish close to those pens anymore.(great shallow water spot) oh well.

on another note just got back from trolling spoons in the rain for a cheesy (ling cod bait) limit of trout. thats why I'll always say trout are inferior and suck. tight lines Ben
I bet that state record from green river is bunk, they were already way thinned out before they left the downtown port orchard, bremerton area where they all swam and got cornered. I know there were some 18 lb fish if I can remember right. man I wish they would do that again. spinners and bent metal were the ticket. in 99 there was a smaller release that wasn't in the public as much. around 100,000 fish or something but fishin was not the same. Illahee state park was good for that escape. but that was the lowest return for coho in many many years to the sound and I got more atlantics than coho that fall. Ben
I took a photo of a group of them below Flaming Geyser in 99. They were in the 10-15 pound range.

I talked to a biologist that reported a ripe male in the fall of 2001 in the Stilly! Weird.