August Fly Salon - Low Water Steelhead patterns

Chris Bellows

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Moving away from saltwater this month. Let's see your best low-water swinging patterns for steelhead. Extra points for classic patterns with a twist.

I'll try to get something tied up to share by the end of the month after settling in to the new pad in SW Florida.



Indi "Ira" Jones
Oh man and I thought I was going to participate. I have some great low water patterns for steel, but they are not at all traditional swinging patterns. Maybe I'll soft hackle one of them!


Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
How aboot some ties/flies here peeps!! :)

Psst... Your Canadian is showing! :D

Also, I might post a crummy cell phone picture of a crummy little fly when I get home if i can get past the intimidation factor of these super sweet flies. #2good4me #holycrapprettyflies #imnotworthy #howdoifishforsteelhead #bieberfever
Very much fishing flies, quickly tied and quickly lost in the trees, rocks, etc. of low water conditions...

I can them 'swinging nymphs'. Recipe is various body combinations followed by a bit UV Minnow Belly flash, the a small amount of natural seal and squirrel tail in a dubbing loop. Hackle collar is red grouse from England.

The squirrel tail in a dubbing loop is a bit of a PITA but the white tips make a nice halo effect.

Forgive the rushed photos.