August Pink Reports


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Areas are mapped out in the regulations book. Or you can see it online.
Regulations are written to apply to specific "areas" just the way freshwater regs apply to specified rivers or lakes

area 11:
TACOMA-VASHON ISLAND - south from a line projected true east west through the north tip of Vashon Island to the northernmost Tacoma Narrows Bridge.


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Fished DP from 10:00-2:30. A few fish started to show at ~1:30. Hooked and landed one, somehow broke my rod in the process just as more fish started to show. I saw a fellow FFer in a powerboat nearby and asked if he had any duct tape to spare, he generously gave me the only tape he had that he was using to hold some wiring in place, and I combined that with lots of wrapped leader material, headed back to the fish - and had the repaired section crack in half on the first false cast.

Made my self feel better on the way home by buying a Z-axis on closeout from Outdoor Emporium. Literally don't think I've ever touched a top-shelf fly rod before, much less cast one so hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as other folks seem to. Figure at 38 I'm already halfway to the grave, I've been busting my ass working and scrimping by on 3rd and 4th tier fishing gear since I bought my first decent rod with paper-route money at 13 so why the hell not....
Fished from a boat near browns point yesterday morning. Between my dad and I, we had 5 in the boat within 20 minutes...then it took 3 hours to catch 3 more fish to get us to our limits.

Now they're all sitting in brine and heading to the smoker! Love pink season!
Got out of my boat and waded at Picnic Point Sunday morning for a change, 0700-0830. Breezy, cool and overcast. Didn't see any real fish - there were about 5 of us including a couple spin guys. I guess catching a Dungeness tops my Flounder... but this is the second small Flounder I've caught on this pink fly - it's turning out to be a real Flounder killer! Ya think we're getting deep enough with our intermediate lines? :D
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8/8 Dash Point Report:

Fished from 5:00AM - to 8:00AM. Tide was out

Dock was full. About 20 guys wading spread out along the beach 'cause the tide was out and there was lots of room.

I fished an area way down the beach.

5 gear guys standing right next to me landed at least a dozen fish between them.
I hooked 6, landed 2, bonked 1
Only saw 3 fish jump .... they don't seem to be jumping as much this year.
Only saw 3 fish jump .... they don't seem to be jumping as much this year.
I've been noticing the same thing. I've had people tell me that the early fish don't jump as much, but I remember seeing lots of jumpers in my first trips out at the end of July/beginning of Aug in 2009.


People might want to consider the higher than normal flows our rivers are still putting out. I've seen this in past years where the fish don't hang around or show themselves as much in high water years. Enjoy 'em while they're moving thru. 2 years ago we had very low water and the fish seemed to hang around the salt much longer. I wouldn't expect that this time around.