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    Chris, how come you don't have a place on here to change the authors name. I would like to change mine because I'm getting tired of it. You can change other things but we can't change that. No I don't want to change it to Jim. Just something else. Jim S. "so much water--so little time" :DUNNO
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    Couple reasons why I think. First off the user's is categorized by the forum ID. It wouldn't be a quick change for the forum to modify the ID. Second is that it helps stop folks from posting some nasty BS and then quickly changing there forum ID. It's a plus for user accountability.

    Say the word and I'll remove your ID. It'll then be up to you to re-register and choosing your new ID in the process.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll have to think about it. Don't want to lose my charter member. Jim :DUNNO