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Jim Darden

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I just purchased an automatic bobbin and have wound my threads on to the supplied spools. Now I find there is no way to secure the end of the thread so the spool won't unravel when you are not using that color. Are there any of you "automatic bobbin" folks out there that can tell me how to tame my recalcitrant threads???
Based on your description I assume you have a NorBloc bobbin from Norm Norlander.

In this case, make sure you have the tread under control when you cut it; then pull the thread off the spool until the clutch engages (about 18"). The thread will partially rewind but will not retract all the way to the spool


Jim Darden

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yep, your are right about the bobbin type, but my problem is that when you take the spare spools out of the bobbin, the thread end gets loose in the drawer where it is stored.

Jeremy Husby

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Would they fit into a film canister?? Or buy some small flat hair ties from the grocery store. . . or my last thought, but the hardest, is to buy some elastice and make some custom spool wraps. ;)
I've been using a Nor bobbin for a couple of years now. I just take the spools off the bobbin and set them on my desk. They don't seem to unravel at all. Just my experience.

I use them bobbins , never had a problem with that. Try using a piece of tape. The only problems that I had were 1) not enough thread tension when the bobbin hung from the hook which was solved by taking 2 wraps around the post of the bobbin before inserting the thread through the ceramic tube and, 2) the thread kept wanting to get a tangle up in the side of the bobbin where the clutch and post connect. The solution was to preload the spring in the clutch assy.If you put the spare spools back in the styrofoam box that it came in this might help also or make a boobin spool caddy out of a piece of old packing crate.


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Sedge....I have a solution for you. I too tie with the Norlander bobbin and love it...go to an office supply store and ask the for plastic spiral binders....they are used in making office manuals etc....take one of your spools with you and see which diameter will fit the spools the want a little tension on the spools to hold firm. They sell for about 65 cents each...and just cut the section you want out for each will get about 20 spools covered for 65 cents. Here is what they look like....get the picture. I should market the darned things...because they work for all spool types


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Another solution

If you bought the automatic bobbin kit you'll notice that the bobbins fit perfectly in the slots cut in the ethofoam even when fully wound with thread.

I built myself a box with an equivalent design which holds just under 20 bobbins. I added a ribbon to each bobbin slot so I just pull up the ribbon and out pops the bobbin.

I'll post a photo when I get some time.

But Norseman's solution looks pretty good too!