Back from the dead - for all you glass and medalist fans


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A guy brought me this glass rod with a medalist reel on it. Said he hadn't fly fished since he was a kid but wanted to get back into it. This rod and reel was his in the early 70's and he had kept it with him through all his moves and such. Asked if I could make it usable again. It was totally unfishable, the rod was missing guides, had a big dent in the winding check. The reel wouldn't turn, the frame and spool were bent and the spool cap was cracked.
I rewound new guides and made a new winding check, repolished the reel seat hardware. Straightened the frame and spool to withing a few thousandths, gave it a new coat of enamel, turned the beauty ring and replaced the spool cap. Here are some before and after pics.

That looks so good KB. Nice work as always. It reminds me that I have a Philipson I got at goodwill and a couple of old Bamboo rods that I got from Kent Lufkin (thanks again Kent). I need to get some good books on rod repair and rebuilding.
Great job. Good to see that old equipment back in service. I have a very warm place in my heart for the Medalist reels and fiberglass rods. I started with them back in the 1960s. I gave the rod and reel to a coworker that wanted to get started in fishing but had a family to feed and no money for a setup. I wonder if he still has it. Maybe that is the one you rebuilt. Hmmmmmm
I would like to think so.