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    Nov 21, 2010
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    Thanks to Steve Moran's custom rod building shop, I got my Winston Biix repaired three days (vs 6 weeks if I sent it in). He wanted a big whopping $9 for the repair, so I gave him $20. It was worth it. Got out on the river the other day with it and went 3 for 10 on hook-ups. My batting average went down a bit from last time, but hey, 10 hook ups...I'll take it!

    I'm blaming it on the repair....just didn't feel the same. Oh who I'm I kidding...I just didn't bury the hook. Nice to have a place in town though, with great customer service and the flexibility to get things done right away. I can't even imagine going 5 to 6 weeks without fishing for steelies during peak times. Now, how can I convince my boss to let me go one day every week for the next 6 weeks?

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