Backpacking, favorite drinks?

With two backpacking trips planned in the upcoming weeks, I'm in need of ideas for drinks while out on the trail. Anyone have favorites?
Vodka with lemonade mix and huckleberries if you can find them.

Or did you mean before noon? I prefer energy drink mix and water because I need all the help I can get. Cytomax (what I normally use), Accelerade, Endurox, Clif, etc. REI or any biking shop (that sells bicycles not harleys) carries them.


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Whatever ya like and are willing to carry.

I usually freeze a big (oil can) Fosters Bitter the night before, and pack that deep in my pack next to a frozen steak. Cold beer, grilled veggies and/or some pasta, and a steak cooked over a fire makes for a good first night dinner. (check fire restrictions...)

My girlfriend likes wine (and I do, too, sometimes), so when she goes I take some along in a platypus water bag (food-grade plastic, collapses when empty, light-weight, 800 mL size holds one bottle's worth perfectly).

I usually carry a wee bit of good scotch, purely for medicinal purposes.;)
<Don't you dare make mixed drinks in the backcountry.>

Oh yeah, I forgot......uh....I mean, yeah, the mixxed drinks are for the little lady!:)

Sorry Skwalla I let ya down! I'll try and relcaim some man points by hammering fish on the St. Joe....I hear glow-bugs work great up there.;) ...Kidding!
I like to mix and match the little single serve (airplane) bottles. Also, a little secret I have that always impresses the ladies: Lt. Blender.
You can often find them at gourmet stores or Co-Ops. Basically, they are a powdered cocktail mix in a plastic (platypus like) bag. You fill it with booze and water and freeze it. Then pack it with you.

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Coffee and whiskey sums up my normal camping liquids. On car camping trips I sometimes bring a Boat Blender and mix up marguritas. Always a hit. They're pretty cool but you need a drill with HIGH rpm to get really good froth. If you wanted to go big time, there's another model that uses a chain saw engine.
I like to go as light as possible so for extended trips my drink of choice is Everclear and Kool-aid. On the rocks with snow, if available. Since Everclear can't be found 'round these parts I'll go with 151 Rum as a second choice. If it is just a weekend trip and you can afford an extra bit of weight in your pack you can do a lot worse then bringing a lime, some salt, and a little Nalgene bottle of Tequila. :beer1: