Bahamas report w/pics


Wanted to start by thanking Anil for setting this all up. That man puts together a mean trip.

The cast:
Ibn, Anil, Corey S, Hutch, Earl, Brian O'Keefe

The setting:
41' Sailboat in the Berry Islands, a cluster of 30 islands NW of Nassau.

The goal:
Vacation from the every day rigors of life, bonefish, beer, and whatever else tightens our lines.

The highlights:
  • Drinking Kalik's until 2am listening and singing along with Hutch while he played guitar
  • Landing my first sailfish
  • Laying down in the flats to keep warm during 30knot gusts and torrential downpour
  • Breaking a rod-tip fending off sharks
  • Listening to O'Keefe tell some drunken stories
  • Jumping off a cliff into a blue hole
  • Stalking bonefish on several different flats
  • Playing the role of "Bodyguard" for Anil, as O'Keefe made up a story in nassau claiming we were all part of a rock group. We got free shots and tons of groupie pics as a result.
  • Hearing the tale of "Whitey" a dog who swam through the ocean 15 miles to make it home after being dropped off on a remote island, only to be shot by his owners when he got there.
  • Kneeling down in the flats with Anil trying to keep from spooking 3 schools of 100+ fish that were surrounding us after having walked for 4 hours and not seeing anything.
  • Watching O'Keefe explode 1200$ from his wallet while running down the street
  • Being chased in a circle by an insane stingray
  • Chumming from the boat at night for sharks, seeing some BIG things swim by as they stir up the phosphorescence.
  • chasing a crazy bonefish in 2" of water for 20 minutes
  • Outlasting a storm and watching the skies part to clear blue hot skies
  • Snorkeling on a reef composed of giant staghorn coral
  • meals of fresh conch and mahi-mahi aboard the sailboat
  • never once thinking about work

The pics, attached below (still missing O'Keefe, Earl, and Corey camera pics, slackers!):



Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Great report and pics! Looks like a blast. It is pretty amazing how cold you can get when it rains like that down there.
Poor Whitey, his owner must have been Michael Vick.