Bahamas Trip

Spring break in the Bahamas … with my son ... Does that say it all? If not, here is my story …

I took my 16-year-old son with me on a trip to the Bahamas, to the Exuma Cays. The Exumas are what the locals call the real Bahamas, the Out Islands. Definitely on “island” time, and seemingly what it must have been like in small-town America in the ‘50s. An hour and a quarter out of Miami on a small commuter plane, and an eternity from the everyday life we left at home …

We planned to fish, snorkel, drink Kalik (the local brew), and eat conch, among other things. It was his first time fishing for bonefish, and he is now hooked. We had a fantastic time together.

The Fishing

We fished with a guide two days, and fished on our own two days,

The guide was excellent, a local who knew the area very well. He put us on a lot of fish. We waded huge flats, and fished mangrove creeks from his boat. He was very patient with my son, spending most of the time teaching him how to see the fish, helping with his casting, teaching him how to fish for the bones. Money well spent.

One of the days we fished on our own, we rented a small Boston Whaler and cruised the protected waters near George Town, where we stayed. Didn’t see any bones that day, and ended up catching a bunch of small reef fish, mostly strong little jacks. My son also caught a 24” needlefish. Those things go crazy when hooked, jumping and wrapping themselves in the leader. And they are not so easy to unhook (very toothy – Google it).

The second day we fished on our own, we had one of the local taxi drivers drop us at a flat, and arranged with him to come back and get us in a little over four hours. Pretty interesting to take a taxi to a bonefish flat. Got out of the taxi, and basically walked right onto the flat and started fishing. And yes, the taxi driver returned at the appointed time.

{Report Intermission: The first bonefish my son landed, as he gets the fish next to the boat, a small (maybe 3 ½ feet) lemon shark comes out of nowhere, and straight for the bonefish. The guide and I see it at the same time. He has his push-pole in his hand, and absolutely drills the shark right on the nose, with the pointy end of the push-pole. He didn’t throw it, just lashed out at the shark with it, over-handed. The shark was at least ten feet away, and it was an amazing physical feat. I still can see and hear and feel the impact of the end of the push-pole on the shark. Bonefish successfully released. As I said, money well spent.}


I tried to make this a rather inexpensive trip. It was not cheap, but I was generally successful. Hotel was only $105 a night. Airfare was the largest expense, followed by the two days with the guide. You can eat as cheap or as expensive as you want here.

The guide, Garth, was booked through

The Chat’N’Chill is a great little bar on a beach, on an island reachable only by boat. The conch salad is to die for. Conch salad is the Bahamian version of ceviche.

If you would like any more detailed information, please feel free to contact me.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Great report. I fished with Garth a few years ago.
My friend was just getting into flyfishing and he was a big help. He put us on a lot of bones as well.