Baitfish/Foodfish Fly Swap

Thanks for the update everyone. Glad to see everyone is still motivated.

Thanks for responding Sparse, I never received your e-mail. I will send you a mailing address soon.

If you are not sure how to mail them, just put them in a little ziplock bag and mail them in a padded envelope with another padded envelope with postage paid inside for me to send back. Other people just put a mailing label inside to cover the existing addresses on the envelope they shipped their flies in. Either way, just be sure to include postage stamps or $$ so I can send you what is rightfully yours.

Here is teaser #2.


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I'm tying flies for Christmas presents now, so you won't get mine until the last week of the month. After seeing these flies pictured, you can rest assured that I won't be missing out on this one though.:thumb

going out in the mail today - Tony I only had $2 to send and was not up to going to the bank...figured you did not want change. Let me know if I owe you more.

And keep the remainders!

$2 is totallly fine. We all probably pay way more than it actually costs anyways since it is too much work to actually weigh the package and calculate postage. At least I am too lazy.

I will keep posting swap flies and then I will at some point transfer them to the gallery. I wish my scanner did dry flies as well as it does streamers. The scans are looking good!
My fly is not a black worm. Geeesssh, I don't fish worms or renditions thereof.

It's a Black Ace of Spades. Very hot matuka number. I'll send them (18) in as soon as I get the address from Troutman 101.

Bob, the What, Me Worms?
:rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes


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I need the address also...flies are done and ready to ship today/tomorrow....Email me your address and I will get em shipped.

~Patrick ><>
I sincerely apologiize, but I seemed to have spread myself out a little thin over the holidays, I am out of town but can have my flies in the mail by the end of the weekend. If you guys don't want to wait for me I will understand. Sorry again, hope everybodys holidays are going well.
I still have not received flies from about 13 swappers. I am sure it is becasue of the Holidays. My flies are almost done. I have about 5 more to go before I am completed.
Bob, I did send you an e-mail. I guess it did not go through or something.
Here is my mailing address:

Attn: Tony Bentley
c/o Feathered Friends
1119 Mercer st
Seattle, WA 98109

Keep em coming guys!