baitfish scale trail,will it work?

I have been thinking of something and was wondering what other peoples opinions were on the subject.In In novative Saltwater Flies,written by Bob Veverka,steve abel talks about when he was chumming sharks and noticed that when he threw his anchovie in the water that a scale trail would linger behind. this comment stuck with me and has affected my use of flashabou in my saltwater patterns but i think i could take it one step further.when I tie epoxy flies I usually add glitter to them to get them a little flashier but what if you took that glitter and put it in a salt shaker,sprinkled it on your fly every few casts,working it into the body fibers(not just on the top like a french fry)so that it would kind of time release trailing the can get the stuff at Michaels crafts or any sewing store for about 2.50 a bottle in about 50 different colors,even mix and match colors in your salt shaker.I think this could add another realistic quality to alot of saltwater patterns,even freshwater in the right circumstances.What do you guys think,give it a try.


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I read an article several years ago about using water soluble glues to apply glitter to baitfish flies. The idea was that, while you fish the fly, the glue slowly dissolves and releases the glitter. Although the article interested me, I never tried it myself. Give it a try and let us know.

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I have seen people do this with egg white as the glue, then sprinkling a bit of the sparkly chips on the wet egg white, let it dry. During fishing the glue dissolves and the flash drifts out like scales. It's a bit over the top I think. But so are a lot of things in fly fishing. At the very least it will look cool
i was thinking about the littering coment last night and realized that if a tiny bit of glitter is littering,then we should all be looking over our shoulder when we snag up and loose a fly tied with all the new synthetic materials on a stainless hook,never know when the litter police will write you a ticket! im assuming you use all natural materials and dissolving hooks!
i dont mean any disrespect or condone littering but arent we all guilty?


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Sturgeon- Yes, we are all guilty of "polluting" the waters we fish whenever we lose flies, entire nymphing rigs, whatever, due to snags and busted knots. However, the main difference is that sprinkling glitter flakes on your fly is "intentional", snagging or losing a fly is not. But, if you could truly find some sort of quickly decaying/biodegradable material that is in no way harmful to the environment, then I say try it. Perhaps one or two single, very long strands of Krystal flash tied in behind your tail, would look like scale trails to a predatory fish , while you strip and pause your epoxy baitfish patterns? I know the single, long strand of Krystal flash has been used successfully on chironomid patterns to represent a trailing air bubble. Really, having a 12 inch long piece of Krystal flash trailing off the hook would not affect casting. Every now and then you might have to clear it from fouling and wrapping around your hook, though. Good luck and great job being innovative. You are to be commended on your creative thinking on how to be a more effecient predator! Jeff
I LIKE IT! crystal flash could be the answer.I'm afraid that anything out there that is reflective will be plastic in nature but i will be looking!I am the type of person who is always trying to look to the future and be creative.Fly fishing has been my passion since I was a boy and have spent many years looking for that new aproach that will expand my knowledge of this great sport.I am always looking for a new way to do an old thing and hopefully how to do something new all together,hence the a.k.a sturgeon crazy.
I appreciate your constructive and forward thinking response as well as encourage any others to do the same.
good fishing,
I think a more effective way at least when trolling flies looking for fish is to hang a flasher off a pole or just heavy line behind the boat to help bring in fish. This has been an effective way of bringing salmon in behind a boat for years. The flasher looks like feeding fish which is why gear fishermen have used it for years and there has been writting of using a flasher with no hook behind it to give fly fishermen the same leg up.


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Ok little sparkles applied to the fly...don't see anytjong wrong with that... as long as youre not using scent or bait. Bait seriously increases your chances of hookups which seriously increases your chances of landing a fish which seriously decreases the number of fish in the sea. Bait SHould be banned! Perhaps we can allow little sparklies in non-selective gear waters though:p :p :beer2:

Ok seriously when we break off or drop little leader tags in the water, we ARE littering, but there is any easy solution... pick up even more trash with you when you leave. I figure I can offset my (accidental) impact by picking up pencil lead, styrofoam bait tins, beer cans and/or birds nest of mono most times I'm out.