Baja with Sparse - Quick Report


Banned or Parked
I've been kind of swamped since I got back, so this is a pretty rough edit:

Monday May 30th - I flew into Los Cabos on Alaska Airlines, Sparse flew in with Mexicana. What I didn't realize is that international arrivals go to both terminals at the Los Cabos airport. Of course, we ended up arriving at different terminals within minutes of each other and a game of back and forth ensued. I went with the rental car shuttle driver while meanwhile, Sparse walked over to my terminal. After waiting around for every passenger on the Mexicana flight to exit, there was no Sparse, so I went to the Advantage office to sort out the Jeep paperwork while the driver went to the other terminal to search for Sparse. Fortunately, he found him quickly and we were on our way down Carreterra Uno toward Cabo.

After checking into the ultra-exclusive gated timeshare, we drove back over the hill for a little comida and cervesas, then back to the condo to rig rods and get some sleep before the long day ahead of us.

Tuesday May 31st - For our first day of fishing, we went out with Roberto and Vincent from Baja Anglers. The target species of the day, Striped Marlin. It was a long run out to the marlin grounds where we began trolling the teasers. After a long time with my eyes fixed on the teasers, I happened to glance up and yelled "Marlin!". A stripey was free jumping a couple hundred yards in front of the boat. We gunned it for the fish and Roberto tossed a live rigged mackerel teaser to the fish. He lit up immediately and destroyed the mackerel before I could cash. Next he tossed a caballito live bait and again, the marlin went neon and started going for it. "Cast! Now!" yelled Roberto and I threw my popper to the fish. Nothing. Another cast. Same reaction. Such is life when fly fishing for marlin. We saw another 3 or 4 marlin, but that was the only really decent shot we had.

On the way back to the marina, we came across schools of hundreds of jack crevalle. Roberto threw a hookless plug along the schools to tempt the most aggressive fish close to the boat for a cast. I managed to land one of about 20 pounds that put a serious bend in my 12 weight.

Wednesday June 1st - Today we fished with Roberto and Vincent again, but inshore this time. There was a cold wind coming off the Pacific, big waves, and we got pretty wet and cold in the morning. The weather was pushing sierra mackerel, black skipjack tuna, roosterfish, and yellowtail in close to shore. We missed quite a few shots on roosters and yellowtail before heading back to calmer water. Sparse got the skunk off with a nice sierra and I got one shortly thereafter. On the way in, we came across a bunch of yellowtail with some roosterfish in the mix, but couldn't get a hookup. Lots of chases, but no takes. At one point I had my fly dangling in the water beside the boat and looked down to see three yellowtail staring at it. I gave it a little strip and the fish scattered.

Thursday June 2nd - Today we went off on our own to fish the beach. Grant Hartman was nice enough to draw me a map with some secret squirrel roosterfish spots on it, so we headed out. About 3 hours later, we were at the beach. It wasn't long before Sparse hooked up a small rooster, and from there they just continued to come. Unfortunately, they aren't easy to catch. We saw close to 40 roosters that afternoon, with only the one fish landed. I got three of them to eat my fly, but couldn't connect.

Eventually, we had to call it quits and head back so we wouldn't have to dodge cows in the dark. Or so we thought... We were about 45 minutes down the road, on a nasty washboarded gravel section, when an innocent looking little rock tore the side out of one of our rear tires. Shit...

Friday June 3rd - We stopped by the rental office to get another spare tire, but they didn't have any more Jeeps in, so we had to trade our pimped out Jeep for a VW station wagon. It didn't have clearance, but it did have handling! I managed to shave about a half hour off the drive...

The roosters didn't show like they did the day before. I only saw about a half dozen, most of which were way out of casting range. Fortunately we were able to entertain ourselves with the needlefish, cornetfish, and little jacks that were around though.

It was Friday night, so back to Cabo for some turista fun! El Squid Roe, Cabo Wabo, Giggling Marlin, and a fine adult entertainment venue brought a close to another fine day in Baja. Oh yeah, and I got solicited by a transvestite prostitute who wouldn't take no for an answer. Fortunately, a taxi saw what was happening and swung by for a rescue mission. Once safely inside, the taxi driver says to me in broken English, "That lady... F#%*ing Gay! F#%*ing Gay!!"

Saturday June 4th - Woke up around noon, then down to the pool to sit in the sun with a bucket of beer. Straight pimpin'! Later on, we went downtown, got a little food and more beers at Zapata's, then found a really cool sports bar. The weird thing is, we have no idea how we found this sports bar, because we couldn't find it again the next day. Weird... Anyway, in this sports bar, we just happened to end up drinking with the wife and daughter of a politician who is in charge of the police for all of Mexico, as well as the daughter's friend. Sparse scored big points early on by telling the mother that he thought she was just one of the other girls' friends. Nice work bro... Anyway, with "the blessing of the Madre", she left and went back to the hotel, leaving the other two girls in our very incapable hands.

Next, it was off to the Hard Rock Cafe, which I don't remember much of, but it involved twisting up plastic straws and popping them, as well as some jealous latinas at the table behind us. After that, the night took on a local flair! To protect a delicate resource, much like a secret spring creek, I'm not going to name this club, but it's where all the local people in Cabo go. Sparse and I were the only two gringos in the place, but we got mad respect thanks to our knowledge of Daddy Yankee and other reggaeton thug music. Sumale mambo pa'que mi gata prenda los motores! Anyway, lots of Negra Modelo, dancing in my flip flops, and making out with Monica ensued. I wish you guys could have seen it, but we had this cute little chica wearing a Washington Fly Fishing hat in the club and we didn't have a camera to capture it. I'm not sure what Sparse got up to, since I was a little distracted, but we eventually left there and headed back to the condo. Remember how I mentioned that it was ultra exclusive? Yeah, it was so ultra exclusive that apparently unregistered guests are not allowed in. That's right, our all-night investment in the Mexican med student chicas came crashing down thanks to the hotel! Shit...

Sunday June 5th - Uggghhhhh.....

We finally got up the motivation to go somewhere late in the day and went down to the beach. A local drug dealer and pimp showed us how to get there. Sparse wasn't digging all the solicitation from the mestizo kids, so we finished off our two buckets of beer and went back for a siesta. Later that night, we decided we needed to give it one last go for Mexico, so back to the Hard Rock we went. I had just rounded the top of the stairs when one of the waiters did a double-take, spun around and said "Heyyyy!! Amigos!! Donde esta las chicas esta noche??" Apparently we made an impression the night before...

Monday June 6th - Had one last Pacifico at Caliente, then off to the airport. El Fin.
Alpinetrout, what's the deal? Are you too proud to post the picture of your coronetfish? This thing was totally crazy looking. After taking the picture of the fish, I gave Alpinetrout a hi-five. Not a smart idea as his hands had a thick layer of slime on them that showered the both of us upon hand-to-hand contact.

After our first day of beach fishing, we went to a local restaurant to unwind. I sucessfully ruined a perfectly good plate of shrimp by pouring "green sauce" all over them. It turned out that my amber colored polarized lenses played a trick on me. The sauce was yellow, and it was the hottest habenero they offered. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to enjoy my dinner as well a excessive napkin use for my nose that was profusely dripping snot. I'm an idiot! Yay!

Its funny how regardless of location, guide mentality does not change. On our second day out we were on the boat fishing inshore. The guide was targeting Roosterfish and Jack Crevalles. The targeted fish weren't having any of the guides attempts. However, waves of Spanish Mackeral (locally referred to as "sierra") were coming through. I immediately started casting for the mackeral and completely ditched my guides efforts for trophy fish. The guide says under his breath "Chingo Sierra.." and shakes his head. The translation would be something like this: " Dude, I'm working my ass of trying to get you into trophy fish and your settling for sierra! I can't believe this.." He didn't understand that I'm more into getting more species, than targeting only certain fish. I thought his commentary to be amusing on a personal level. :D

Anyway, great times.



the Menehune stole my beer
Sparse and AT, thanx for the report guys..........I just got back from Cabo and the fishing absolutely sucked for me and my pals.....the one day we managed to get out on a boat it was blowing so hard my kidneys are still bruised from the ass whooopin' I took.....knee bruises, banged head on the railing, it was ugly!

We worked the Solmar -to - Sammy Hagar's- Mansion shoreline for trophy buds each wanted a memory so I said why not. It was impossible to cast with the wind so we resorted to trolling tube flies but nothing hit. They finally let our cap'n bait up some huge mullet and pull them behind on gear. My Italian bud Manicotti Mitts hooked up first on an absolute PIG rooster.......this thing went over 60 for sure, it was scary huge....but the 17 year old baitboy had kept messing and messing with the Daiwa baitcaster I packed and had completely backed off the drag. Manicotti Mitts made a couple booboos and "SNAP" over. this was a fish he would have had a fiberglass replica made of, it was that nice!

Bud number two.....a blonde friend we lovingly call The Albino B*st*rd.......hooked up with the pig's long run that never was amazing how fast that thing emptied the spool of this reel.

Sparse, your comment about the skipper is so true...the Baja Angler guys were right next to us, they finally started chumming and had a school of sierras nipping at their transom. All the flyfisherman had to do was flip 15' of line and he had one on every cast. I lost count watching him.....I tried to tell our guy to cut up some of the mullet and chum in some sierras and he said "Senor Mingo, they are not chumming, he is throwing rapalas" DUDE! I have eyes! they are CHUMMING! nope, no way, he was not going to do it.....he had just lost two big roosters and by gawd we were staying on the frickin' ROOSTERS!

I finally took a decent jack in front of our hotel (Melia) later that they had to buy my beer that night. :rofl:
Thanks for the report. I just got back from Cabo, but no fishing report unfortunately! I was down there for only 4 days to assist with a project named Mobilize Mankind, assembling and modifying used wheelchairs for the kids in the area. I really enjoyed it, and am beginning to make plans to head back down in December or January for at least a week to help the kids, and perhaps make some free time to fish.