Baker Lake suggestions/reports


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I'm looking to head towards Baker lake this weekend and poke around for some steelhead along the way from Whidbey. I was wondering if it's worth loading up the pontoon and maybe staying a night to fish Baker lake.


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I'm heading up to Baker this weekend with the family. I haven't been in about 15 years, but growing up we caught ok-sized rainbows from shore and near some of the creek inlets. They are in there, it's just a giant-ass lake so they are tough to find.


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Did you catch them on a fly from the shore? I'm heading up there at the end of July myself.

At the time I had not yet converted to the way of the fly. I was probably dunking worms or powerbait. That said, this weekend I'm fly only and will report back if I see fish and/or if I'm lucky enough to have them try out a tasty fly pattern. There are a ton of sculpins in that lake, so I imagine if you were tossing some streamers from shore, you'd have a shot late in the day.
I haven't decided if I will bring the float tube when I go up. Float tubing sort of defeats the purpose of camping with the family though, so I'll probably fish from shore while my kids throw rocks in the water :).

Definitely report back if you can!


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The lake is large and the scenery is epic. This weather may drag everybody outside this weekend, I would guess it wont be full since its such a big lake with lots of areas to camp.


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Dibling any suggestion on camping sites?

Full color report coming sometime soon, but we camped at Shannon Creek campground, which is about 8 miles up the lake (about 2 miles after the road turns to gravel). The lake was very high and pretty chalky due to runoff. Managed one 12" kokanee on a beadhead pheasant tail nymph (they were chomping on some very large flying ants on the surface occasionally) and a very nice 15-16" rainbow stripping a wooley bugger over some logs. Wasn't hot by any means, but they are there.


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I'll be there later this month, but it won't be to fly fish. My trip is contingent on the sockeye fishery opening. Depression Lake or Vogler Lake are the best bets for fly fishing.