Bamboo Rod Building Classes Near PDX?

Mark Moore

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Ohhhh...., am I going to regret this.

Is there any Bamboo rod building instruction available in the SW WA or Portland Metro area?

Thanks to all :)


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Indeed you are heading down a slippery slope. I'm a bit outside of your area, but willing to help you through your first rod. If your can't find someone closer and are willing to drive,send me a pm.

I'm always available to help you out with e-mails or phone conversations etc. I'm a bit far for a visit from you but if you are in the neighborhood you could swing by.


Mark Moore

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Thanks for the very kind offers gentlemen. I'm going to try to find a situation wherein I can do a rod from start to finish, learn about the tools and equipment required, etc.

I am getting a little old for some of my other woodworking pursuits, or a bit bored, and would like to see if this is something I can carry into retirement.