Ban On Steelhead Fishing From Boats?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bob Triggs, Oct 28, 2009.

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    I hate to jump into this snakepit of a thread but...
    I dont think we can say that banning boats will never happen, even though I think this is a stupid discussion. Barbless, bait restrictions, selective rules, c&r are examples of "recent" law changes of our sport. I love my boat, it makes it so much easier to carry my fat ass and beer down the river ;-). I really dont see the harm in boating. Look at the damage that (some, not all) bank fisherman do. Garbage, fishing line, cig. butts, lunch wrappers, coffee cups, worm cups that are left on the riverbank, not to mention- cutting your own trails. Take a look at the Snoqualmie, Cedar, Vedder etc. they are garbage dumps. Makes me sick!!!! I am sure that none fine people on this site litter but someone out there is really making a mess of things. I would offer that most boat fisherman pack their garbage out with them.
    That said, I fly fish, spey fish, bait fish and saltwater fish. I really dont care if you fish with a bead, fly or roe, everybody should have the right to enjoy the outdoors. I am respectful to the environment. I think that is more important than this row vs wade argument.
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    Row vs. Wade... Think are leagal system can handle this version?ptyd
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    Now that is funny...
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    I bought post card in West Yellowstone Montana with a guy standing stream as a drift boat goes by with a caption that read "Row vs Wade...The great debate".