Band jobs


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Band jobs:

I like the "transluscent" strip (below left) the best. But it’s made with homemade stuff you can’t buy:
molten plastic worm resin poured over green-dyed spawn sack, molded onto a heated
pane of glass. Not many fly tiers are nuts enough to go to that much trouble just to make a fly.

But you can make them with rubberbands too (below right). One interesting thing about these lures is
their appeal to rainbows. In general, most large, long streamer-fly like lures
appeal to brown trout and the biggest rainbows only. But rainbows of all sizes
seem to like band jobs. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. But I stand by the
observation. The nickel-weighted jig head, combined with a soft long and flexible
tail gives this fly a sensuous, undulating, sinusoidal action in the water that really works.