Barred woodduck roofs


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I use alot of barred woodduck in my smaller winter dressings as a tent or roof over tips and find about the only way to get them to set right is using reverse wrap for the far side,just wonder if any one else does the same or a better way,. Just doesn't seem to work so well with Woody.

Jeremy Husby

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ahhh the far side wing :mad: many days I have wanted to break things trying to set the far side wing, especially on married wings. But I found that the smallest amount of flex-seal and one full wrap to hold in place while I tweak the wings just right, works the best for my self, and my spey and alantic patterns don't even compare to yours so keep up what your doing cause your doing right.


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Wow thanks, but never thought of flex seal, theres an idea,, in the words of a comedian I heard--"Get-errrr-done!!"" gotta go eat- wife callin

on the river AM, Davy