Barrier Dam report

got to the dam about 4:30am this morning. total fishermen was 10. hooked several 12 in and release. one guy had something on. we watched him for about 10 min. then it started downstream, he went around the little point and we couldn't see what was going on. still don't know if he landed or lost. I had some bumps and a lot of springers finning on top and a few jumpin out of the water. water alittle high and flowing somewhat fast. my buddy an I left at 7am.
going to the little green in the morn by the Touttle so will see what is going on there.
tight lines to all

well I am back. we went to the little green, no nothing. then we went to the Nisqually last fri and sat, nutin there either. so I am done now till the Pinks come in. need to tie up some more flies for em. if I get some time between now and then I think I'll throw some clouser's and see if there are any cuts around here in Olympia. well that's it for now. tight lines too all.