Basin weather report


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:eek: Gawd no! .... wouldnt catch me near there, its from the web and I believe somewhere down or tex. Crew was working on a highway road culvert and needed to clean it out or something and they got a huge surprise :eek: ....and those are DB's and we dont have them up here (i hope).
That pic was taken at Coffeepot and is the culvert right next to the campground.

The upper coffee pot campground on the Henry's Fork??

Found It! never :rolleyes: mind

So hows the fishing there?- Can I fish from the bank/wade? How's the little creek between lower Twin and coffee pot lakes?? I dont want anyones secrets just curious. Looks like a good area to camp-fish minus the snakes :eek:

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The area is very "snaky". I have found snakes there last spring when we had a warm day. If your bored with snakes there were also plenty of ticks. Ah, springtime in the land of sage and sun!

I don't like snakes on land, but the thought of a swimming rattlesnake while in a float tube just gives me the chills.

My dog pissed on a rattlesnake when he was a pup. The snake just left the neighborhood (what would you do??). I suspect next time he might not be so lucky.

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Like the attitude, piss on them! Isn't there a joke about be bitten in a certain spot - "You're gonna die." If you don't like snake, ticks, scorpions & black widows, stay on the west side. All part of the experience. That is why I posted on the "tick twister".


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I was out fishing with my dog in the basin weekend before last. Between us, we picked up about 25 ticks. I would have to agree that this might be a bad year for them. I don't even want to think about what it would have been like if I was wearing just a t-shirt instead of a jacket over everything.