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I'm new to WFF but love the fly swap. I would happily host a 10 spot Bass Bug swap seeing as how the water temps are coming up nicely. Anyone interested? I think we should leave it open to any style of Bass Bugs. PM or Post if you are in.

Thanks, Dan

3.Kevin Lune
Damsel Dry or Mouse
Sketch County Swimming Frog (Received)
Swimming Frog (Received)
6.Kirk Singleton
WBD (Weapon of Bass Destruction)(Received)
7.Mike Lee
EPDM Ghost Popper (Received)
8. snaglovin
Orange Diver


I like to rip lips,,
Sounds like fun, I have only been tying with hair for about a year... so don't expect the best.

I will either tie a mouse or a damsel dry.



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Half way there. How long does everyone need to tie up the patterns once we get 10 total? Is two weeks to long or to short?


Mike Lee

It's all about the sauce.....
Is there still room? Never done a swap, always wanted to, but seem to be too late each time. This should be interesting as I am new to tying and new to bass bugs, but will deliver the best I can do. If space is available I will offer up the EPDM Ghost Popper.


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Happy to have you. Three more spots and we are a go. I am going to set it at two weeks to have the flys to me once we get the tenth person. Does anyone have a problem with that timeline?


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Glad your in. As soon as we get 2 more spots filled you will have two weeks to get me the completed flies. I will send you a PM as soon as we are full. Maybe by tomorrow.

Thanks, Dan


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I've been browsing the web for some good patterns to tie and haven't found anything that stood out. Does anyone here have any patterns to suggest? The simpler, the better -- I too am a little intimidated by deer hair -- but I'm really happy to tie anything that works.


Mike Lee

It's all about the sauce.....

My first choice was a Woolly Leech. It's basically a Woolly Bugger with Bead Chain eyes. A guy I met in B'ham was using one. Watched him land 6 smalls in an hour. He said he used a 1/0 mustad 36890. Said the bent up eye has better action. Just an option. I have never tied a deer hair anything [yet]. Hence the EPDM Ghost Popper works well for me [I think, have yet to tie one].

Two weeks? I'll do my best to meet that timeline fellas. I know we haven't gotten the last two yet, but who knows. They may have signed up as I am typing this post. Looking forward to everyones flies!