bass & bullheads!

I'm new to the Yakima area and am looking for some good bass/bullhead ponds in the area (between naches and prosser, give or take). Anybody have some favorite spots?

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I'm in your situation too. Don't know much about bass, but I took the advice on this forum about fishing evening hours with a big popping bug, letting it sit after throwing it out until all the rings dissipate, then twitching it. I tried this last saturday between Lyle and Bingen, and was surprised at the big slurping rises this induced. I didn't think there was anything that big in these ponds.

Local biologists told me that electrofishing in the lower Satus ponds Corral and Round Lake produced the biggest Largemouth bass they've seen around here. Also lots of carp. But hard to get to, you need to walk in a half mile. Hard to fish due to brush. A float tube would be helpful. []
You need a tribal permit to fish those lakes, right? I was planning to hunt that area this year and noticed on the permit that it was for hunting and fishing. It got me thinking about where you could fish on the reservation. I'll have to check out those ponds. Is there a trail that one could drag a pontoon boat?

Another option is the series of I-82 ponds. I haven't fished those in years, but they were always full of bass and sunfish.
That is quite odd talking about bass and bullheads. I just went to the golf course and did a little bass/gill fishing, and there was a ton of rabid little bullheads eatin up anything you tossed in there. I caught about 5 of them on my #4 black bugga, and then i was sick of fishing for them, man they were aggresive. I also did quite well with the bugga, bringing out some large gills and bass. A golf course pond is the way to go! :THUMBSUP But only if you work there like i do :WINK, and I can go whenever i want.

Have you ever gone for bulls with a fly rod?


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Many years(eons) ago they did that rotone thing on Silver lake in Everett. Me and my buddy went out to scoop up any trout that would get poisioned off. Well we didn't get many trout but we got about 60 brown bullheads. We put them in a cooler just for a place to keep them. When we went to clean them about 5 hours later they were still alive.

i have a small pond in my neighborhood that has tons of bullhead. im the only one who fishes for them. i havent tried fly fishing for them but ill try it some time.they will eat anything you throw out there